Our team

Julie Farrelly

With a Business background, Julie found herself seconded to Astratex back in 2001.  The creative vibe of Astratex re-ignited her love of  individual fashion expression and Fabrics, so began the love affair with European Fabrics.  She has been co-owner of Astratex since 2007 and has seen it change from a predominantly wholesale business to a leader in the retail market for beautiful European Fabric.

Thea Peacock

Thea’s love of textiles and fashion has been developed from an early age, growing up in a world that spanned the globe.  Her studies and career initially in Textile Conservation grew her passion in garment construction.  She joined Astratex  in 2015 and has built up a strong following of customers having their wardrobes co-ordinated and grown with Astratex Fabrics and Thea’s inspiring influence and dressmaking skills.

Cherylynne DeVries

Comes to Astratex with a broad and long history of Design and Construction.  She has been working in Couture and offers to our customers a level of fine sophistication in garment construction.

Lia Sparto

Lia is a very accomplished Dressmaker who has been a longtime friend of Astratex, and who offers her service of beautifully finished daywear, with an emphasis on blouses/shirts and trousers.  Her enthusiasm for beautiful fabrics and interesting patterns will inspire her customers to step outside into individual fashion expression.


Angela’s Italian heritage is evident in her confidence and knowledge of the fashion industry, textiles and dressmaking.  Her introduction to our customers comes in the offer of a made to measure Classic Crossover Dress for $180.  Excellent way for anyone to be introduced to the Made to Measure experience.


We have also met and been very impressed with 2 exceptional young women who are leaders in their field of Design.  Both have folios of designs that are world standard and have and are involved in the wider Fashion Industry with their own Labels.  They individually have come to us to offer their exceptional service of Design/Stylist and Construction to a growing niche of Very Special Occasion Wear and Gowns for those important events in our lives.  Please call Astratex for an invitation to meet and be impressed.

Nancy Leung

Nancy specialises in women’s evening and bridal wear, over 14 years experience in dressmaking, bridal couture design and pattern making. If you have a special event that you want that special outfit or dress, she’ll available to have a one on one consultation about the process and design. Whether you’re dreaming of a non-traditional or classic design, we can make it come alive!

Suzanne Dowd

Suzanne has been presenting courses/workshops in Sewing, Construction, Patternmaking and Overlocking for many years.  She is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher and guide.  Her classes at Astratex over the last 2 years have been met with overwhelming appreciation.  Her method of imparting her wisdom in all things Garment Construction is a joy to experience.  If you have a wish to learn further in this fun creative world of Sewing, then Suzanne is your girl!

Georgia Kondilyannis

Fashionista, Dressmaker, Patternmaker, incredible Teacher of all things “Garment Construction”  With her warm and interesting manner Georgia conducts all of the classes in Patternmaking (Sitam) and and most of Finishing Beautifully and Skirt for Beginners.  It has been said many times, once you’ve been in Georgia’s Courses you just want to return for her next Course – whatever that is!