The Community of Astratex

To meet our lovely customers everyday is a real joy.  People who surround themselves with beautiful fabric, fashion and handiwork are truly blessed…and we get to interact with them everyday.  This page on our website is to invite you gorgeous women (mostly you are women, but I do not exlude the creative fashion driven gentlemen) to feel part of a community.

Everyday I experience the “threads” that link you altogether; if the shop is busy and our customers have had to form a queue, I notice how easily conversations are started and how lovely you all are to each other.  I have had the pleasure of meeting recently 2 women who actually began their friendship in my shop!  Our courses have been the breeding ground for many such friendships.

I have had the priviledge of hearing many of your life’s stories, incredible the wide range of circumstances you find yourselves.  I know that some of you for one reason or another might like the connection this Community @ Astratex might bring.

So I am offering the space here at Astratex for a Community Sewing/Craft gathering on a Sunday once every 2 months, initially to establish the group, but eventually it will be something that has its own life and will require some leadership that will probably emerge from the group itself.  I envisage  you will bring your own materials and equipment, there is room for a number of participants and I thought a small plate of food to share might be a nice way to encourage the group dynamic.  If you are interested, and want to enrol see register your interest by email: or call the shop on 9427 9877  there is a small fee of $11 – tea/coffee and light refreshments provided.

The first Community @ Astratex Sunday I have allocated is Sunday 20th March…if this suits and you’re interested let us know!