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Learn How to Sew with Our Sewing Classes in Melbourne

Do you own an Overlocker and don’t get the best out of it? Our “Discovering the Joys of your Overlocker” is the 4 hour workshop for you. We also cater for the aspirational sewer (would be if they could be!) We take you from measurements, pattern make to construction and finishing your skirt in our “Skirt for Beginners” 3 session Course. We also have fun and creative Workshops which include “Making a Kimono in a Day” and “Making a Jacket in a Day”. Astratex can help you realise your creative fashion twist with a variety of sewing classes in Melbourne.

The Benefits of Designing Your Own Clothes

There are numerous benefits to taking sewing classes in Melbourne and ultimately being able to design and make your own clothes.

  • You can potentially save hundreds of dollars or more by stepping out in your own designed clothing rather than spending your cash on designer labels. Enjoy the compliments you get as people ask you ‘where did you get that dress?’ and you can say to them that it’s all you!
  • Completing sewing classes in Melbourne can give you a strong sense of accomplishment when you put those lessons to good use and produce a garment. The feeling that comes from purchasing your beautiful cloth and creating the garment that is an expression of you, is reaffirming.
  • Sewing lessons allow you to explore the limits of your imagination. From the cut of fabric to the colour, designing and creating your own clothing allows you to exercise your creativity, while the sewing classes provide the tools to help realise your vision.

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Astratex provides sewing lessons in Melbourne at our premises, to begin your journey, contact us to reserve your place.

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