Other beautiful products at Astratex


Luna Minerals is for the natural at heart, who likes to feel more confident about their skin without the heavy made up look. A very natural looking beauty routine and you may feel like your wearing nothing at all. It also has the benefit of layering so that you can dress it up when you need to.  We do not use any animal products in our mineral cosmetics ingredients, so we are also Vegan friendly. However, please note that our luxurious face moisturiser day/night time does contain beeswax so not every item is Vegan. however we do have a vegan face moisturiser available too! See:https://www.lunaminerals.com/


The Quiet Obsession are beautiful pieces of handmade jewellery incorporating found object and clay, alongside natural accents such as warm wood and soft copper from all around you.

“My name is Kathryn and I come from Melbourne.  During the week I work in the digital world, creating things that are very conceptual.  to balance out the abstract nature of this work, I love creating real, physical things and hence my passion for making polymer clay jewellery.”

All the designs are individual and no two are alike.



The Ceiba Tree is a Melbourne based design initiate, using traditional processes.  This fabric has been hand woven and natural dyed in a Mayan village, and supports the continuation of these ancient crafts.  Printed with water based inks and sewn fair trade in Guatemala, and stuffed and finished in Australia with Australian wool.