Skirt for Beginners 9th July 2017



Fabulous course for the beginner, including: learning to sew a straight line;  measuring and making a pattern to fit perfectly;  Cutting the fabric; constructing, putting in a zip and completing the hem of the skirt.  We provide the fabric, but you get to participate in choosing the right fabric for you, we want you to be excited about making a garment you will want to wear!  We expect the participant to bring in their own machine, as its best to learn on your own equipment.  We do however have machines to lend.

There is only 6 participants in the course, so you will really get the benefit of excellent tuition!

This workshop runs for 3 Sundays, 11 – 4.30 (half hour for a quick lunchbreak) the price is $300 ($20 an hour tuition)  This is a very popular workshop, great for a gift to a new sewer, if you are interested you can purchase on line, or give us a call 0394279877  NOTE: The price on line is $290 as the system automatically adds freight (hence the $300) a bit clunky, but we can’t be good at everything!

• Commences on 9th July, 2017